Hello fellow internet wanderers!

My name is Allison Declercq-Matthäs and I’m a Canadian-German currently living in England.

I grew up on the flat, bald-headed prairies of Alberta, Canada where we joke that you can watch your dog run away for days. Then I moved to hilly British Columbia to intentionally expand my mind at university and unintentionally improve my leg muscles.

After a stint of studying in Thailand to finish off my Bachelor of Journalism I came to the UK in the name of love and adventure in 2014.

As an individual I can be summed up as: short in stature, stubborn, ridiculously curious, practical, a fan of inventive creativity and someone who simply can’t settle on one interest.

In terms of experience I’ve worked for two regional print newspapers, two student newspapers and contributed to a few others. I’m also the author of a blog called The Doorstep Traveller, which features quirky stories about exploring new places and cultural events.