How much does it cost to join Contributoria?

We have a range of membership options depending on what benefits work best for you. You can find more information about joining on the 'View Subscriptions' page.

The membership fees form the basis of a funding pool that we all use to back the writers submitting great proposals to the community.

What kinds of writers join Contributoria?

So far, the most active members are professional journalists with interests on a wide range of topics coming from all over the globe. We can’t really predict who else will join, but if you write you will hopefully find other writers in the community that you enjoy working with.

Who is the audience for Contributoria?

Don’t think of as a destination for reading articles. It’s a community for writers - a platform, a process and a cooperative.

Articles get published on Contributoria where the world can see them, but that’s just the beginning of the story. We also do our best to sell those articles to other publishers and share licensing fees back with the writer and the community so they can continue to earn from their work.

How do points work? How much are they worth?

You and your peers in the community get points when you join Contributoria. You then use those points to back writers’ proposals.

The points are like an internal exchange rate based on funding in the membership pool and other funding sources that increase the pool, such as sponsorship, for example. The value changes each month.

For writers that means that when you set your fee for your article the site automatically translates that real fee into points based on the exchange rate.

I want to back a story but how do I know the writer is any good?

You can check out the writer’s profile by clicking onto their name. The profile space is their opportunity to provide more information about other work and their background, social accounts etc. Don’t forget you can always ask the writer a question at the proposal stage too. If they get backed, the next stage is also collaborative so you could help shape the final piece.

I’ve forgotten my password, how do I get a new one?

Click here: and you’ll be able to reset it via the email address you used when you signed up for the site.