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People above profit

Over 7 billion of us share this planet, and I’m of the belief that we all matter.
It seems that with economic instability throughout the world, humanity has redacted back into the pits of human consciousness while everyone’s own interests become more and more prevalent to the human being, not caring who they trample on to get by or just retain what they had before, arguably a by-product of austerity measures put into place by Governments of the world.

The prime example of this, for me was seen in my home town. Walking through a bypass on my way to a supermarket, collecting cough medicine for my ill mother, there was a billboard, from corner to corner covered in artificial lighting, wanting, demanding attention like a screaming child, 10 out of 10 for execution, it worked. However, as I carried on walking further and further down, it was apparent that the only light that was around helping anyone walking through the path late at night was the light designed to capture attention and promote consumerism.
This for me begged the question, Surely it’s people above profit?
Awfully enough on my way back through the pathway, I saw what was the source of a piece of tape which read “Police, do not cross” which was still wrapped around the trunk of a tree.

Although this experience may seem trivial and nonsensical, for me its real. This world is build up on the idea of people working together, for an objective or for some kind of common goal, to achieve something we can all be proud of. Although, it seems more of that we are the tools of a workman’s end product, we are the people putting the transactions through the till, we’re the people making sure we don’t go over budget on that project, we’re the ones serving food and coffee, it seems that we don’t seem to be anything more than pawns in a corporate game of Chess, with big corporation coming out on top, holding politician’s ransom.

It seems that the more we go through time the more we’re just commodities to these corporations, someone doing a job because that is what “we” need at the current time, not someone you can train, build up and around and help mould into something worth while.
It’s all well and good at the end, having a job and getting paid for it, but we are worth so much more than £17,500 and a discount card, we’re people, we are the same people that have created beautiful cities all over the world, figured out how fossil fuels can fuel our economies for over 50 years, the people that have gone further than any other species in the world.

It increasingly seems that with free market economies throughout the world, dictating there own destinies and moulding the future of the masses, that we are constantly at the whim of a rich man, with him deciding weather we are profitable enough to carry on with the work we have dedicated our life’s to do, which on the surface of things is the most ridiculous statement, how we dedicate more of our life to a corporate entity rather than our family, friends and loved ones. It’s completely backwards.

The idea that a person that benefits off a booming economy has some sort of better knowledge of what is or what isn’t better for its workers is completely barbaric and is bordering on the edge of complete bias and a conflict of interest, because the truth is these leaders of the free world are the people that can make the decisions.
The idea that a booming economy creates jobs is in some senses a complete myth, its just the start of a heighten thought process of employment.

For example, the idea is if the economy is going well you can employ more people because more people are financially secure and are more willing to spend money on going out, buying clothes and all of that consumerism type stuff that we have all be conditioned to enjoy. Partially true, but what we are seeing as an aftermath of the massive drop in the economy that companies, like our own government today, are willing to spend as little money as possible to try and increase some sort of profitability back into their business to keep there shareholders happy, keeping every employee on there toes, and scraping by and exhausting employee’s in the process.
More proof that business only care about numbers rather than people.

Its a depressing but true fait that the world is more geared toward the numbers on a balance sheet rather than the people involved in making those numbers sparkle off the page. The guilty participators of this system will learn its lessons in the future when consumerism beings to change within the public, when the internet and other sources of information come along and pave the way for educating the people to respect one an other rather than look for the hardest barging.

We are stuck in a fear from the economic disaster of 2008, which has sent the world skywards since day 1. We can see the greed of the corporate world shining right through with zero hour contracts and a slow end of workers Christmas bonus’s being replaced with a poultry box of chocolates. Profit in my mind has always been a dirty word, know one needs a massive sum of money that they’re only going to retain and use for there own selfish desires, money needs to concentrated on benefiting the most venerable and most important of services to the world.

Again, I’ll say People above profit.

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