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Letter from the Editors

We first released to the public in January this year. Our tagline was “community-funded, collaborative journalism”, a very functional tagline intended to describe this new platform that nobody had ever seen.

It was clear straight away that Contributoria had a lot potential as a co-working space for independent journalists, a place where writers could collaborate on all aspects of the process from commissioning to editing to publication.

Six months later our community is growing quickly, and we’re setting the bar a bit higher for the next phases. We’ve upgraded our tagline to “The independent journalism network”, a more abstract statement intended to articulate our aspirations.

Contributoria is not only a great place for independent journalists to work together. Contributoria can strengthen quality journalism in the world through open funding and distribution.

Key to that vision is opening our funding pool to supporters. Building on the sponsorships and other subsidies we use to back writers, we have now added three tiers of membership with different levels of contribution for different kinds of supporters.

This new program means we can grow faster and fill a much deeper funding pool to support more quality journalism around the world.

Please do join the community here. There are some exciting benefits, such as a printed version of each monthly edition delivered to you at your home. Be part of the solution to the challenges facing journalism today.

On the subject of money, and not coincidentally, Contributoria writers were invited to look at ‘The Changing Value of Money’ for the July Issue, a partnership with The Guardian and Activate Summit. They uncovered new forms of currency, reinterpreted traditional forms of trade, and reevaluated the meaning of money itself.

<span>It’s a fantastic issue with tonnes of great reads.</span>

For example, <span>Liam Barrington-Bush and Jen Wilton</span> <span>wrote about a Spanish town which has come up with a collective way of getting things done when money is tight. Jon Hickman asks can you really live on social capital. And Dan Grilliopolis wonders if eventually everything that can be free will be.</span>

There are several other fascinating articles about bottled water, Tom Watson MP, and the Halal hysteria, to name a few. The full issue can be found here.

The next issue is appropriately themed around ‘Independence‘. We want to know where the stories are that you can unearth which encapsulate the concept of independence. Tell us about the people that epitomise that theme for you - whether through the way they live, the work they do, the things they stand for or the opinions they profess.

<span>If you’re a writer and want to submit a proposal, read more about the theme </span>here<span>. </span>

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