Article 2014 The Year in Review

Portals of nature: Silence and balance

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” -Albert Einstein

In nature, one can appreciate silence

The power of mountains

The depth of water

The coolness of springs

The warmth of geysers

And in the perennial rain, one can find solace.

In its hidden treasures

One shall grasp the wonder and the essence of life.

Nature Bound

No matter where or at what point in life one finds oneself, at whatever stage of career or personal life—constantly living in solid spaces, living in the hustle-bustle, zooming pace of metro life, or any city-life—calls for returning to nature every now and then. Because deep within the wells of nature, are hidden treasures of effective peace and a source of some of life’s powerful experiences. One cannot access these benefits without having some kind of link with these portals of nature.

Also, oftentimes in the technically empowered lives, one leads, one’s engagement with nature becomes weak. A day is mostly spent at work, in offices, in front of computers, or in other fieldwork within the structures of organized city-maze. The rest of the time is spent at home, with family and the weekends also unfold at home, or in social gatherings, or in shopping or other social activities or in times when one is alone. There is hardly then any time for activities that are nature-bound.

The very essence of life is sometimes silence and it is difficult to find this requisite silence in such a chaotic and somewhat artificial city environment. If one wishes to have access to this silence, then being close to nature in its myriad forms can provide one with havens of quiet and beauty. Any place close to the sea, rivers, lakes, mountains, hills, forests, plateaus, meadows, valleys, fields—although cut off from walls of concrete, and cities of wealth and constructions—are perfect places where one can obtain this quietude. Such locales are allegorically portals of nature—gateways into silence and perfection.

Proximity to these portals—even if only occasional—ushers in some of the latent treasures of life. Thus, arguably, such interludes are undoubtedly all-important. If one is always attached to the life problems that arise, then gaining a perspective on them becomes possible, only when one is farther away from these issues. Natural portals could provide one with significant perspective—they could help one see life from a fresh angle, with a new pair of glasses.

Elements of nature—oceans, skies, the earth, the wind, greenery, sand, beautiful flora and fauna; even nature affiliated music one listens to, act upon maintaining a closeness to nature. It is important to connect one’s routine life to nature so that there is more balance and stability all around. Irrespective of where one is, what one is doing—it is important to stay close to nature, in whatever tiny way possible—to understand and gain better insights about all of life’s travails.

The Year that was

The year 2014 was like any other year—a year when people vacationed—travelled near the sea, to forests, jungles, mountains, hills and other portals of life. In addition to all the enjoyment one gained from all this, there were mishaps too, which made headlines. However, such misadventures should be taken into account when travelling far out into the vast spaces of nature. Nature should not necessarily be associated with adventure or the need for thrill-seeking in any form, unless one is professionally capable of handling grave situations that may arise in unpredictable environments. Always seek out non-dangerous places close to nature—quiet locations with a calm history and spend time there. Do not think of these entrances as healing alternatives to problems or illnesses either, but just as a means to approach something that is not man-made, but entirely natural, which could reveal choices that were not always obvious.

Those who cannot take the time out to access these larger portals can find other options. Nurturing a small garden at home, or going to a plant nursery too is an alternative. Taking regular walks in a lush green park, or spending some time fishing, or simply sitting and gazing at the stillness of a lake, could also be a good way to find some time-out-with-nature. Nature is vital and to be near the very essence of life, in silence, where one can think without stress or worry, becomes important, every year.

Personal Episodes

Over the years, having spent regular time being friendly with nature; travelling on small boats, crossing rivers like the Ganges; having seen the Tigris and Euphrates rivers a long time back, also the Teesta, and many other rivers and lakes during the course of time; travelling on a giant steamer and crossing one of the biggest rivers in India—the Brahmaputra; having been on hills, mountains, inside forests, having para-sailed right above an expanse of navy-turquoise blue sea; even living close to a desert for a while—has inculcated a love for nature. Therefore, such experiences of being close to these portals of nature, and living in the city and this comparison, only help to strengthen my affinity for nature. Although city-life can be splendid, sometimes, but these gateways to life can also be homely and familiar. Time spent gauging nature’s abundance can also become a valuable memory to recollect, later on.


Finally, if one has the opportunity, find a particular portal, close or far, and as long as it is a safe destination, it should always turn out to be an exhilarating and balancing experience.

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