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Letter from the Editors

The story of Contributoria's first year is best told through the journalism that was made here.

There are several ways to tell the story of our first year here at Contributoria - the way we came to be, the way it works, how we’ve grown, etc.

The thing that we value most, though, is the journalism.

There are a lot of reasons to be pleased with 2014, but none of it would have mattered if the articles weren’t any good. Who would want to participate in a crowdfunding platform for journalism if it didn’t generate articles that people enjoyed reading?

It starts with the journalists.

Why do they join Contributoria? The better question is ’Why wouldn’t they join?’ There’s no one assigning stories and no editorial agenda. There’s no format to adhere to. It’s just you the journalist, your ideas, your words, and your supporters.

There are few publishers that would produce this kind of journalism whether it’s Chrystia Freeland’s challenge to the super rich to face up to inequality in the world, Rich McEachran’s ongoing investigations into alternative foods, Tom Stafford’s research into the power of persuasion or lack thereof, Mehveş Evin shining a light on the way Syrian refugees are sold as ‘co-wives’ in Turkey, Michael Ertl’s profile of the Bolivian labor union for children, Giovanna Iozzi investigating the impact of Internet porn on children or Harry Vale’s account of daily life as a bookie.

Of course there’s a lot to be said about the numbers, too.

We were particularly excited in November when the 2,000th writer joined. The number of collaborators grows 40% from month to month. The average amount of time spent per visit to the web site is nearly 8 minutes.

And independent journalists are earning good money, too.

They set their own fees for the articles they are pitching to the community, and the community then backs them using the points they receive each month as Contributoria members. Writers get anywhere from £100 to £1000 per article, about £400 on average.

Paying journalists is one of our favourite things to do, but if there’s anything we value as much as the journalism being generated by the community it’s the community itself.

There are many people behind the scenes making the process work here either by backing proposals, adding comments, or spreading the word about what’s happening at Contributoria.

The independent journalists below who wrote articles via Contributoria in 2014 have all benefitted from the support of this brilliant community of people from all over the world who care about quality journalism:

Danielle Batist, Jon Card, Fanny Malinen, Steve Rushton, Trisha Bhattacharya, Joe Turnbull, Joshua Virasami, Mischa Wilmers, Jared Zarantonello, Hannah Wilson, Jon Hickman, Danny Smith, Jen Wilton, Liam Barrington-Bush, Brett Scott, Gagandeep Kaur, Tania Haas, Bernadette Hyland, Julie Schwietert Collazo, Stephen Angus Peter Junor, Fiona Longmuir, Spindoctorjimbo, Adam Heid, Clare Speak, Joanna Zajaczowska, Aneira Davis, Arpita Chakrabarty, James Clark, James Alexander, Jeremy Blachman, Jennifer Parker, Jon Bounds, Iskender Dogu, Joel Benjamin, Rich McEachran, Helena Greenlees, Loukas Tsouknidas, Akhilesh, Colombia Calling, katiem, Thomas Roden, Mark O’Brien, James MW, Basile Simon, Stuart Parker, Dom Aversano, Sally Brammall, Tugay Kest, Keph Sennett, hitthenorth, Mehveş Evin, Tom Stafford, Chrystia Freeland, Diana Vonnak, Max Mueller, Eric T. Halvorson, Giovanna Iozzi, Stewart Paterson, Nimita Bhatt, Adam Leese, Jake, Rikh1975, Jacob Greaves, Sophie Crook, Anja Habekost Oliveira, Phillip Keane, Dave Weatherall, Debayan Sinharoy, Peter Dorrie, Virginia Cerezo, Javier Helsinki, Harry Vale, Sam Davis, Nicky.bro123, Justin Cash, Niall Carville, Emmajayne, Karl Hodge, Dan Griliopoulos, JM Porup, Pavlina Amalie Kvapilova, Francesco Piccinelli Casagrande, theshooglypeg, k8scott, AJReid, Junaid Nabi Bazaz, AfricaJournalist, Sophie M Drake, JJ Ozkan, Phil Thane, Laura Peberday, Kate Feld, William Perrin, Sadaf Ahmed, Louise Bolotin, Breck MacGregor, Pau Llop, Kagiso Mnisi, Anne Gonschorek, Olly Ricketts, Cathy Dippnall, Laura Villadiego, Brian Dean, Giulia Loi, Terence Eden, Akshat Rathi, Dan Slee, Emily Brinnand, Peter Geoghegan, Helen Nugent, Annie Machon, Paul Bradshaw and, of course, our own Sarah Hartley.

Thank you, writers. Thank you, supporters. And thank you, readers. You’ve all inspired us this year, and we’re very proud to be helping you to produce quality independent journalism.

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