I have been a committed activist and Citizen Journalist for the last four years. I am 26 years of age and have seen a lot of different sides to life.

In 2011 I helped set-up Occupy News Network after the closing of the Occupy London sites. We occupied an abandoned college in Maida Vale, it became an art project downstairs and upstairs we formed ONN’s offices. Over the years at ONN we would not only report the news but play a crucial role in the unfolding of history. The same year we formed we were called down to the Ecuadorian embassy where police had come to arrest Julian Assange. Our quick response, with livestream cameras, along with those dedicated activists who were holding vigil night after night, helped prevent the illegal arrest of Assange. By the morning the mainstream media was out in full force. We continued on the scene for many weeks, constantly interviewing and writing articles. In Assange’s words, we ‘brought the eyes of the world’.

We were, and still are fueled by a burning urgency to break through the distortions of the mainstream media. We still strongly believe that full access to the truth, and a clear-minded, bullshit-free analysis of the world is necessary for the social progress that we are building.

As a writer I stand for Honesty, Justice, and speaking Truth to Power. I am continually honing my craft through creative non-fiction, poetry and essays. My academic background is in studying English Language and Literature, and Politics. Most inspiring me is the depth and breadth of the writings of George Orwell, and his humanistic philosophy to which he dedicated his whole life.