Irfan Mehraj is an independent journalist and researcher based in downtown Srinagar in India controlled Kashmir. He recently completed his masters in Mass Communication and Journalism at University of Kashmir and has a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature, History and Political Science. For past few years, Irfan has worked as journalist in Kashmir where his work has focused on human rights issues, education and culture. He has also worked as a researcher where his focus was on investigating the present patterns of land-use in Kashmir. His interest as a researcher and writer is to draw focus on the cultural life of Kashmiris who have lived under political subjugation for several centuries and continue to be severely restricted in expressing their cultural identity and independence.

Irfan has previously worked as a staff writer with Authint Mail (which is now Authint News, an online news website based in Kashmir. He has also worked with a weekly news magazine ‘Kashmir Life’, where he wrote book and film reviews and reported on culture. He also had a brief stint as a reporter with Kashmir Reader ( , a daily newspaper based in Kashmir.

Here is a list of my work