Contributoria — 21 issues

On 1st October, will close and become an archive for the 21 issues produced here by the community since January 2014. All other services will be closed.

We intend to preserve the web site and host the articles in archive form so that all the work produced by Contributoria members can be viewed and shared. The articles here also retain the Creative Commons licence to encourage re-publication so they may also live on elsewhere.

We will send more info to members and writers in the coming days about payments and accounts.

We owe a big thank you to all of the contributors here and to Guardian Media Group for supporting Contributoria. We are immensely proud to have served you, and for all the work we have enabled. We hope you also feel proud to have been a part of our community and that you can use all the work and connections you have made in your future endeavours.

We understand you may have some questions, which we have aimed to answer below. And we have explained more about it in September's Letter from the Editors.

What happens to my articles?

They will continue to exist on the archived, and you are free to re-publish your article elsewhere too. In fact, we hope you do publish it on your blog or on any other channels you have access to.

Will I still get paid for my most recent article?

Absolutely, September issue writers will be paid. The last issue is amazing, and we are proud to be publishing it. So, you will be reimbursed as agreed. If you have any problems receiving your payment please contact us at

What about my August proposal?

We will pay a fee for the backed proposals from August. If you were backed then you will receive an email from Sarah about this. If not, drop her a note at

What happens to my points?

As Contributoria is now closed, the points system is no longer in operation.

Am I still a member of Contributoria?

Membership is closed and we will no longer collect payments from members. We will also refund August membership fees to paying members. This will all happen automatically, but please contact us at if you have any problems.

Will I get the September issue in print?

Patron members as of 1st September will receive the print edition in the post. It will also be distributed through a special partner to be revealed soon. Keep an eye out for that announcement via @contributoria and via our Facebook page.

You can also order the final issue and all our back issues to be printed and delivered to you via the back issues page.

Why is this happening?

We have been very fortunate to create Contributoria with the support of Guardian Media Group. Our aim was to support freelance journalism through peer review and crowdfunding, and we have enabled 800 pieces of peer-commissioned writing. It has been a fantastic experience for everyone involved and we have learned a lot from this project. We are very proud of what we have achieved, but the team decided that the September issue was the right moment for us to close and become an archive.

We’re turning the site into an archive because we're very conscious about making sure writers’ works are preserved and that you are able to use this work in future endeavours.

We’ve written about the news of our closure in the upcoming Letter from the Editors coming out in the September issue and in an email we're sending out to all members.

How can I stay in touch with the team and people I've met here?

Please follow us: Matt McAlister @mattmcalister, Sarah Hartley @foodiesarah, Rev Dan Catt @revdancatt, Dean Vipond @deanvipond, Nat Buckley @thatnatbuckley, Robert Ingram-Smith @ringrams.

There’s also an ‘Unofficial Contributoria Writers Group’ on Facebook where you can find some of the other members of the community.